Homemade Moisturizing Citrus Hand Cream


This is a recipe for a moisturizing citrus hand cream by Patricia of  It will help your hands recover in all seasons, especially in the harsh, dry winter.  Patricia uses a variety of moisturizing ingredients.  Thanks to orange essential oil it also has a wonderful citrus scent.

The recipe uses a microwave to melt  the Shea butter, wax and other ingredients.  Many natural skincare recipes use the double boiler or a glass container in a pot of water techniques to melt beeswax and butters.  So this could be a  timesaver.  The recipe doesn’t specify using the microwave on Low or High.  I’d suggest starting out on Low.

Click on the Homemade Moisturizing Citrus Hand Cream link below to see the recipe.

Homemade Moisturizing Citrus Hand Cream

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