Homemade Natural Cold and Flu Inhaler

Homemade Natural Cold and Flu Inhaler

I love inhalers like these.  They’re simple, just the right shape, are easy to use, and you can carry them in your pocket, purse or backpack. In this post, Claire explains how to make an inhaler with essential oils that are focused on helping with cold and flu symptoms.

The inhaler uses 5 essential oils. They open your sinuses, clear out congestion, reduce coughing, fight the germs making you miserable, and boost your immune system. There’s one essential oil you can add at night to help you to relax and sleep.

Claire includes a recipe for adults and a separate recipe for kids over the age of 5. She also shares two different ways of adding the oils to the inhaler. She also has a link to a place where you can buy blank inhalers. Finally, she explains how often to use the inhaler.

Click on the Homemade Natural Cold and Flu Inhaler link below to see Claire’s tutorial.

By the way,  Claire has a great book called the  Everyday Roots Book. It contains 215+ original home remedies that will help you to replace toxic medications and products with healthier, natural alternatives. It’s really a quality, well-written book. Tons of easy-to-follow natural remedies and recipes. It’s one of my go-to resources for natural remedies.

Homemade Natural Cold and Flu Inhaler

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