Homemade Natural Hair Detangling Spray

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Homemade Natural Hair Detangling Spray


Justyne of Creative Christian Mama needed a conditioner for her eldest daughter’s hair.  She wanted something that would detangle her daughter’s hair without flattening it.

She came up with a natural recipe that worked well for her daughter’s hair.  There are four ingredients.  One ingredient  is a natural, light conditioner. The second ingredient strengthens hair and reduces scalp oil.  The third ingredient is a detangler that prevents split ends.  The fourth ingredient treats dandruff and increases circulation to the scalp.

Justyne shares her very simple recipe.  It smells great and does an excellent job of detangling hair.  Please check the before and after photograph of her daughter’s hair.

To read Justyne’s recipe visit the article link below.

Homemade Natural Hair Detangling Spray


  1. Where’s the info on how to make this Detangler?

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