Homemade Natural Stove Cleaners

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I was excited to find this post at Common Sense Homesteading.  This is a  great resource if you’re looking for different, natural solutions for cleaning a dirty stove.

Commercial stove cleansers contain chemicals that I don’t want to be exposed to.  Some of the commercial stove cleaners are actually a little scary because of the warnings and toxicity.  So I was happy and excited to find so many stove cleaning recipes in one post.  There are also some good tips about keeping your stove clean by preventing spills.

In this article there are recipes for cleaners that can be used for both the stove top and the oven.

  • A Homemade Soft Scrub
  • A Grease Cutting Powder
  • A Citrus Vinegar Cleaner for Grease and Grime

Homemade Natural Stove Cleaners


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