Homemade Salve for Pregnancy Stretch Marks

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NOTE: If you’re pregnant, please consult your doctor in advance about any herbs or essential oils you’d like to use.  Opinions vary on which herbs and essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy and which should be avoided.   Your doctor will have the best advice for you.

Katie calls this recipe Homemade Tiger Salve but it’s not to be confused with Tiger Balm,  which is used to sooth sore muscles.  Katie’s Tiger Salve is for stretch marks which are sometimes called “tiger stripes.”  The salve is rubbed into the belly during pregnancy.  It keeps the skin supple as the belly expands as the baby grows.  The recipe is simple to make and completely natural.   Click the link below to read Katie’s  complete recipes.

Homemade Salve for Pregnancy Stretch Marks


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