Homemade Skin Freshening Toner Recipe

Homemade Skin Freshening Toner Recipe

True confession….I have never really been a tea drinker. I do love chai tea but that spicy treat isn’t even tea in my book. It’s a drink from heaven. However, recently I’ve become convinced that green tea has health benefits I can’t ignore.My new favorite green tea for drinking is  Harney & Sons Green Tea w/ Coconut, Ginger & Vanilla.   It tastes so good and is so fragrant and relaxing! 

Green tea contains beneficial antioxidants like EGCG. But are all green teas created equal? Not at all. Different teas have a wide range of EGCG content. There are also other health factors to consider, the country the tea was grown in etc etc.

Aside from drinking green tea,  I never realized that green tea can also be used for other things like skin care! I’ve recently read articles that champion the idea of using green tea to soothe sunburned skin, reduce puffy eyes and dark circles, and reduce the redness of rosacea. Using green tea topically can also tighten pores, which makes it an ideal base for a skin toner.

I found an article  by Sam, where she  shares her recipe for an all-natural skin freshening toner. It produces a toner that is both soothing and tightens the skin pores.The recipe uses green tea and a number of other ingredients. After mixing the toner, you can apply it with cotton balls or put it in a spray bottle. Very nice recipe!

Click the Homemade Skin Freshening Toner Recipe link below to see the complete article.

 Homemade Skin Freshening Toner Recipe


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my toner … it’s been so wonderful for me! 🙂

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