Homemade Slimming Body Wraps

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Homemade  Slimming Body Wraps

You may have seen those body slimming wraps for sale online and in stores.  The idea is to wrap an area of your body where you want to slim down.  Sometimes you apply a cream before wrapping the area with a long cloth or bandage.
Does it work?  I don’t know. Heather of Frugal Fit Family says both methods that she shares have worked for her.

I selected this post because Heather showed creativity and ingenuity in developing a homemade version of the commercial slimming strips.  A;so. all of the ingredients she uses are healthy and chemical-free.

If you’re interested in this type of slimming or weight loss, Heather’s method is a lot less expensive.

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Homemade Slimming Body Wraps


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