Homemade Sunscreen Recipe


Commercial sunscreens and sunblocks are often unhealthy.  They have been found to create free radicals which attack your skins cells.  Also some sunscreen chemicals pass through the skin and mimic the effects of estrogen which can disrupt your hormonal balance.

But there are natural, homemade alternatives. In this post Katie of WellnessMama shares her recipe for a Homemade Sunscreen Recipe.

Some background first….     Studies show that there’s an increased chance of heart disease and heart attacks in those with low vitamin D levels.   In the summer when our skin is exposed to the ultraviolet-B rays of the sun, the skin cells are able to naturally produce vitamin D.

Experts say a fair skinned person going out in the mid day sun for 10 minutes in shorts and a tank top will get enough UV rays to produce about 10,000 International Units (IUs) of  vitamin D.  In the winter in certain areas, the sun never gets high enough in the sky for the UV rays to penetrate the atmosphere.  Consequently, some experts recommend a daily dose of sunshine in the summer and vitamin D supplements in the winter of 2000 IUs.

So we need some exposure to the sun to produce vitamin D.  My approach to sun exposure is similar to Katie’s.  During the warmer months I try to spend some time in the sun each day but do my best to avoid sun burn.  If I plan to be out longer in the garden or elsewhere  or if the weather is hotter, I wear a sun hat and long sleeved top.  If I feel I need more protection then I use a natural sunscreen.

Katie shares her recipe of carrier oils, Shea butter, essential oils and a non-nano version of zinc oxide to provide a natural SPF level.  As a bonus she provides a quick and easy way to turn your favorite, non-citrus lotion into a sunscreen.

Homemade Sunscreen Recipe

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