How and Why to Detox (For Kids & Adults)

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How to detox

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Kate and her family normally follow a healthy eating plan with foods that do not contain chemicals or additives.  But there are times like family gatherings where the food that’s served is conventionally farmed and processed.  In short it contains preservatives and other additives.

Additives cause inflammation and weaken the immune system.  Fatigue, headaches, constipation and diarrhea are common symptoms.

Kate explains the detox methods that she follows with her children.  These methods are appropriate for small children (6 to 12 months).  She also explains the methods she uses for older children and adults.She lists the specific herbs and natural remedies that she uses.  These include herbal tea, herbal oil, a specific soup, salt baths and more. 

To read this extremely helpful article about detoxing methods, visit at the following link:


How and Why to Detox (For Kids & Adults)


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