How I Clean My House with Lavender [Video]

How I Clean My House with Lavender [Video]

Lavender has a beautiful and relaxing scent. In this article, Kami includes a video that explains how she uses lavender to cleanse and refresh her house.

In addition to looking and smelling wonderful, lavender has antibacterial properties, which make it ideally suited for cleansing the air in your home. This can be really helpful if members of your family are dealing with colds and coughs. Using a simmer pot and lavender can help to both relax and heal.

KamiShe also includes a link to her FREE Top 5 Lavender Home Remedies eBook.  Shei has 27 years of experience growing and using herbs and has some great insights!

Click on the How I Clean MY House With Lavender link below to see both the video and free eBook.

How I Clean My House with Lavender 

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