How to Choose Base Oils for Homemade Body Oils


In this post SatuR of the Untrained Housewife dives into the subject of choosing Base (Carrier) oils for your homemade oil blends.  Body oils are a combination of base (carrier) oils and essential oils.

When you make your own body oil, you select a base oil and then add essential oils that will result in a moisturizing oil appropriate to your skin type.  SatuR explains the benefits of particular oils that make the best base oils. She also explains the benefits of macerated oils which have been infused with therapeutic herbs.

She discusses in detail:

  • Individual Carrier Oils for Homemade Body Oils (Apricot Kernal Oil, Peach Kernal Oil, Sweet Almond oil and others)
  • Macerated or Herbal Infused Oils (Calendula Oil, St Johns Wort oil and others)

The post is packed with some great information.  You can get quality carrier and essential oils at at Mountain Rose Herbs

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How to Choose Base Oils for Homemade Body Oils

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