How To Grow Fruit Trees In Containers

how to grow fruit trees in containers

This is a neat article that explains how to grow fruit trees in containers. This is something you can do inside a house, on balconies, or on rooftops. It even allows you to grow fruit even if you don’t live in an appropriate growing zone for that fruit.

  • The size of the pot DOES matter
  • The type of pot can have an impact too
  • Dwarf varieties of citrus plants that do well in containers
  • Other fruits that grow well in containers
  • Meyer lemons go great in large container !
  • When to plant
  • The ins and outs of fertilizing

It’s a great article with a lot of useful links and tips. However, as I read the article, though, it occurred to me that large containers of soil with fruit trees are HEAVY. So one thing to consider is whether you have a good place to put the plants so they get enough light all year. The other option would be to build or buy a wheeled base that you could put a pot on before filling it with soil. Then you could wheel the plant wherever you wanted during the year.

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How To Grow Fruit Trees In Containers

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