How To Make A Diffuser Bracelet For Essential Oils

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How To Make A Diffuser Bracelet For Essential Oils

This is a really interesting article by Heather. One part that resonated with me was her discussion of how scents can trigger memories that go all the way back to childhood. In fact, when an experience is chemically saved in long-term memory, the brain actually stores everything about the experience: scents, sounds, temperature, our feelings at the moment, and more.

As an example, imagine you were playing in a garden as a child and it was warm, breezy, a wind chime was chiming away, you felt happy, and you smelled the sweet scent of lavender.

Smelling lavender again or hearing a wind chime later in life, could remind you of your childhood experience in the garden. In fact when the brain retrieves a memory, it goes through the same sequence of feelings and perceptions you had in the original experience. So smelling lavender not only helps you to remember being in the garden. It also helps you to feel the happiness you felt at the time. It’s amazing!


In this article, Heather explains how to make an essential oil diffuser bracelet. Once the bracelet is made, you put a small amount of essential oil on a couple of the beads. As you wear the bracelet, you’ll be able to smell the scent of the essential oil you used.  I think these would make wonderful gifts!

Heather includes:

  • a supplies list
  • tutorial that includes step-by-step directions and photos
  • tips
  • care instructions

This is a nice set of basic essential oils at Amazon that would be good for this project:  Top 6 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Basic Essential Oil Sampler Set

Click on the How To Make A Diffuser Bracelet For Essential Oils link below to read the complete article and tutorial.

How To Make A Diffuser Bracelet For Essential Oils

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