How to Make a Facial Toning Mist for Sensitive Skin

How to Make a Skin Toner for Sensitive Skin


Shannon of Fresh-Picked Beauty created this recipe for a friend of hers who has sensitive skin.  Her friend loved it!  I selected this post because the recipe sounded wonderful and it works.  The recipe uses 5 different hydrosols (floral waters) and 5 different essential oils.  The directions are very easy to follow.

One note: Preparing natural skincare products is both creative and experimental.  Some recipes are simple and use a few ingredients.  Others are more involved and may have quite a few ingredients.  This recipe falls into the latter group.  There are a lot of essential oils and hydrosols used.  Also, some of the ingredients are pricey.  In particular, one of the oils is very expensive.

However, I like to share proven recipes.  Based on this recipe you might decide to tweak it by reducing the number of essential oils and hydrosols.Or perhaps file it away as a recipe to make in the future if you need it.  Either way, it’s a terrific blend of oils and hydrosols!

Click on the How to Make a Facial Toning Mist for Sensitive Skin link below to see the complete recipe.

How to Make a Facial Toning Mist for Sensitive Skin

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