How to Make a Gardener’s Salve

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Working in the garden results in a lot of wear on the hands.  Gardening gloves can help but you still often end up with callouses and rough spots.  Regular hand creams doesn’t offer any protection.  Last summer  I  used store-bought Lavender Gardener’s Salve.  It worked well but was $10 for 4 ounces!   This year I wanted to find a DIY recipe so that I could make more salve for a reasonable price.

I just found this recipe for gardener’s salve by Ashley at DesignSponge.  The recipe makes 8 ounces of salve.  In addition to lavender oil(skin healing, antibacterial), it uses tea tree oil (skin healing, antibacterial) and rosemary oil (antibacterial).  Some other oils and beeswax round out the ingredients.

Ashley provides a tutorial with photographs.  The recipe steps are really very easy.  I ordered beeswax pastilles today so this will be one of my projects once the beeswax arrives.

If you’re a gardener this is a salve that can save your hands this Spring.

You can get the ingredients for this recipe at Mountain Rose Herbs

How to Make a Gardener’s Salve


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