How to Make a Multivitamin Tincture (Recipe)


Katie at Wellness Mama developed this multi-vitamin tincture recipe.  It’s an herbal tincture made with certain high-nutrient herbs to create a liquid multi-vitamin. It  can be used by children or adults.  Katie has a separate recipe for use during pregnancy.

The tincture is more concentrated. so you only need a  tiny amount to get a good dose of vitamins and minerals.   It’s useful during illness or when it is hard to keep food down.

Katie use the following herbs in this tincture:

  •     Alfalfa
  •     Red Raspberry Leaf
  •     Dandelion Leaf
  •     Stevia (optional-for taste)

Click on the How to Make a Multivitamin Tincture (Recipe) linkbelow for the complete recipe.

You can get the herbs mentioned in the recipe at the following sources:  Mountain Rose Herbs .

How to Make Multivitamin Tincture Recipe

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