How to Make a Natural Homemade Carpet Freshener


When I read this post by Mindy of Keeper of the Home, it really caught my attention.  Years ago I used commercial powdered carpet cleaners.  I loved how clean they made my carpets and how the artificial scent lingered for a long time.

Then I started to worry about the chemicals in the carpet cleaners.  What were the chemicals doing to us as we walked around barefoot on the carpet?  And what were the chemicals doing to our dog and cats?  So I stopped using commercial powdered carpet powders.  I searched for natural alternatives but didn’t find anything. Then I found Mindy’s post.

Mindy developed a simple and natural homemade carpet freshener recipe that uses just 2 ingredients.  It’s easy to make, works and best of all is non-toxic.

Click The Natural Homemade Carpet Freshener link below to read the full recipe.

Natural Homemade Carpet Freshener

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