How to Make a Pain Relief Salve


Justyne went on a hike with her family and came back with shin splints and aching shoulders.¬† Carrying her 16-month-old part of the way did some damage ūüôā ¬† So she used her pain relief salve on one shoulder and one leg.¬† Within an hour, the shoulder and leg she treated were almost back to normal.¬† The untreated side still hurt. So the salve worked!

I have had shin splints a couple of times in my life, both times after running.¬† Shin splints¬† cause a throbbing and aching along the shin. It’s often hard to walk. The usual treatments are resting the leg, icing, and NSAIDS. When I had shin splints they took weeks to resolve.¬† So to hear that this salve worked so quickly put it at the top of my list for remedies to make.

Justyne also discusses each herb used in this salve.

The recipe is simple but does take a little time. Preparing the herbal infusion takes 12 to 24 hours.  But after that, the preparation of the salve with other ingredients can be done pretty quickly. Click the How to Make a Pain Relief Salve link below for the recipe.

How to Make a Pain Relief Salve

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