How to Make a Summer Shimmer Lipstick

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Source: HumbleBeeAndMe

Source: HumbleBeeAndMe

This is a recipe by Marie of HumbleBeeAndMe.  I love her recipes and tutorials!  They are always creative.  Of all of the DIY and natural living experts out there, she is one of the few to offer quite a few recipes for natural cosmetics and natural beauty products.

This is a recipe for a beautiful, shimmery summer lipstick  ~ red with hints of orange and copper highlights.  I love the color of this lipstick!

The recipe is straight forward.  Marie always provides easy-to-follow directions and some great photographs to boot.  Click below to check out this great tutorial.

How to Make a Summer Shimmer Lipstick



  1. Thanks for the feature! I just finished a great DIY weekend where I whipped up some more awesome natural cosmetics, I can’t wait to share them 🙂

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