How to Make a Wheeled Garden Pallet Planter

How to Make a Wheeled Pallet Planter

Tanya creates some of the best DIY tutorials. In this article, she explains how to make a wheeled planter out of pallet wood. This type of planter allows you to easily move plants anywhere in your garden. You can also move plants that need a lot of sun from one sunny spot to another.

One of the things I like is that Tanya clearly explains the type of wooden pallet you should use. Some pallets have been chemically treated and are not safe. She explains how to read the stamp that normally appears on a wooden pallet, so that you can select a safe pallet. There’s a complete materials and tools list.

She then explains how to build the wheeled pallet planter. This includes how to disassemble the pallet, create the base, create the sides, attach the wheels, prepare for planting, and actual planting. It’s a very nice tutorial.

One nice enhancement would be to add a handle in order to move the planter more easily. One option would be a simple rope attached to the front of the planter base, that you can hide when you don’t need it. This project also made me think about raised bed wooden planters that are hip-high so it’s easier to plant and tend your garden. A raised bed wooden planter on wheels would be awesome!

Click on the How to Make a Wheeled Garden Pallet Planter link below to see this excellent tutorial.

How to Make a Wheeled Garden Pallet Planter

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