How to Make an Herbal Mosquito Repellent

Source: Mountain Rose Herbs

Source: Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs Blog shared recipes for a couple of different herbal mosquito repellents.  The first recipe  is a flower water-based spray, and the second recipe uses oil so it lasts longer.  The post also includes a recipe for a Sunburn Relief Spray.

Both of the repellents rely on Catnip (hydrosol or oil)  to repel the pesky mosquitoes.  It’s an excellent selection because mosquitoes and other insects seem to hate the scent.

One caution:  The Summer Repellent Spray uses Lemongrass essential oil.  This oil attracts bees.  If you have any concerns about bees, just exclude the Lemongrass oil.

These are the recipes included in the post:

  • Summer Repellent Spray
  • Summer Repellent Oil
  • Sunburn Relief Spray

How to Make an Herbal Mosquito Repellent

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