How to Make an Organic Cellulite Spritz


Rebecca of Camp Wander shares her recipe for an Organic Cellulite Spritz or Spray.  This is a mixture of just 2 ingredients that fight cellulite.  The spray is full of skin smoothing and tightening ingredients.

Among the many benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil, it  reduces toxins in the body thereby reducing the chance of more fat forming.  It also helps to increase collagen which tightens and firms your skin. Rebecca lists several more benefits of Grapefruit Essential Oil which all can help to reduce fat and cellulite.

She  shares the exact amount of  Grapefruit Essential Oil and one other oil to use.    Spritz or spray problem areas after you shower to help combat bumpy cellulite.  Click the How to Make an Organic Cellulite Spritz link below for the full recipe.

How to Make an Organic Cellulite Spritz

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