How to Make Birch Leaf Oil for Sore Muscles

Birch Leaf Oil

If you’re a gardener, you know how sore you can be at the end of a day of weeding and watering. If you’re really a DIY person and do even more manual labor around your home, your sore muscles are probably in need of some TLC. One homemade remedy for sore muscles is Birch Leaf Oil. In this article, Kathie explains the medicinal benefits of birch leaves and the  best time to harvest them.

Then she provides directions for a simple infusion using birch leaves and oil. She shares a number of different oils you can use. Finally, she explains how to store birch leaf oil and the best way to use birch leaf oil. It’s  a nice article about an oil you don’t often hear about.

Click on the How to Make Birch Leaf Oil for Sore Muscles link below to see the complete instructions.

Make Birch Leaf Oil for Sore Muscles

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