How to Make Chai Latté Soap (Recipe)

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How to Make Chai Latté Soap (Recipe)

From time to time we like to go to a nearby Starbucks for a treat.  My favorite drink is their hot chai latte with whipped cream.  I have loved spicy chai tea for ages and the Starbucks chai latte is so good I usually moan after the first sip.


So when I saw this recipe by Marie of Humblebee and Me for Chai Latte soap, all I could say is “Yesssss!”  Among other ingredients, she uses cinnamon essential oil, ginger essential oil, cardamom essential oil and clove essential oil.  Nice and spicy!

The recipe produces a warm-looking, red soap.  Marie includes a link to her standard soap making instructions.

Click How to Make Chai Latté Soap below to see the complete recipe.


How to Make Chai Latté Soap (Recipe)

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