How to Make DIY Doggie Breath Treats

How to Make Your Own Doggie Breath Treats

In preparation for getting a new puppy, Jessica looked into different doggie treats. In addition to packaged treats, she wanted to try making some DIY treats that would use herbs and veggies from her garden. One consideration was including ingredients that would minimize doggie breath.

In this post, she shares her recipe for homemade treats that help with doggie breath. It uses old-fashioned oats, two herbs, and other ingredients that almost everyone has in their kitchen. The directions are super simple and the process is very much like making cookies. One nice thing is that you can size the treats for your dog: smaller treats for the littler dogs and larger treats for bigger dogs.  And you can get creative by using different cookie cutters to make the treats.

Click on the How to Make DIY Doggie Breath Treats link below to see Jessica’s complete recipe.

How to Make DIY Doggie Breath Treats

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