How to Make Fake Windex that Works


The owner of Fake-It-Frugal wanted to reproduce Windex and came up with a streak-free recipe that works great.  Even better it only costs $0.27 to make compared to $3.69 to buy the real thing in the store.  The recipe uses just 4 ingredients and is wonderfully easy to make!

If you make this recipe, here’s one trick I’d suggest. Take a sheet of newspaper, crumple it, and after you spray the fake window cleaner, wipe the glass with the crumpled newspaper.  I get the cleanest windows with no streaks at all when I do this.  It must be the paper or the newsprint. All I know is that it works for me!

Check it out! Click on the How to Make Fake Windex that Works link below to see the easy recipe.

How to Make Fake Windex that Works

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