How to Make Herb Butters


I like herb butters because they’re an easy way to introduce your family to the idea of including herbs in its diet. Among other things, this will expose your family to the health benefits of the herbs. For example, basil has been championed for its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. But when they’re enjoying basil butter on a bagel or corn on the cob, all they’ll know is that it tastes good!

In this post, Colleen shares her recipes for three different herb butters. The great thing is that you can experiment with other herbs and use them to make herb butters to see how you like them.

Colleen includes recipes for:

  • Basil Butter
  • Rosemary Butter
  • Cilantro Butter

Click on the How to Make Herb Butters link below to see all three recipes.

How to Make Herb Butters

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