How to Make Homemade Calendula Extract



Calendula is effective in treating damaged or injured skin, and assisting with minor wounds.  It is often used to support healthy skin, and is a common ingredient for herbal oils, salves and lip balms.

In this post, Andrea of Frugally Sustainable, explains how to make a homemade calendula extract.  She discusses how to harvest calendula flowers and petals.

There are only 3 ingredients in the recipe. Andrea describes the steps involved in  producing an extract.  She explains how to do a double-infusion to increase the potency of the calendula extract. You can also prepare a triple infusion.

After storing the calendula extract in a dark glass jar, you can use it for creams, lotions, toners, astringents, body sprays etc.

There are also instructions on how to use dried calendula flowers if fresh calendula flowers are not available in your area. Click below for the full recipe.

You can get organic calendula flowers HERE

How to Make Homemade Calendula Extract

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