How to Make Organic Herbal Soap Using Soapwort


Soapwort is a perennial herb that has been used for making soap since the Renaissance.  Soapwort soap is good for washing tablecloths, delicate fabrics and general cleaning.  Soapwort Shampoo is great if your hair needs a gentle shampoo.

In this post the Herb Gardener shared 2 soapwort recipes she got from her Godmother.  There are recipes for organic Soapwort Liquid Soap and  for Soapwort Shampoo.   You can add your favorite essential oil to the liquid soap or shampoo.  Lavender is fantastic!

One caution is to NOT use Soapwort liquid soap or shampoo to wash your dog or cat.   Soapwort should not be taken internally and a dog or cat might lick some soap residue off if they weren’t completely rinsed off.

Click on the How to Make Organic Herbal Soap Using Soapwort link below to see the complete soap-making recipes.

How to Make Organic Soap Using Soapwort

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