How to Make Snow Ice Cream

snow ice cream

I would file this under making lemonade out of lemons. In the Midwest, our Winters now mean surviving the polar vortex, and excessive amounts of snow.

But getting a lot of snow is not necessarily a bad thing.  It turns out you can make ice cream with snow! Diane (An Extraordinary Day) shares a recipe for snow ice cream. All you need are 8 or 9 cups of clean, fresh snow. Diane uses a whisk to make this recipe.

Garnish with sprinkles, or chocolate syrup or caramel…mmmmm. Click on the How to Make Snow Ice Cream link below to see Diane’s recipe.

By the way, I considered suggesting using a blender instead of a whisk (Yes I’m lazy 🙂 ). However, when I spoke to Diane she raised a  couple of good points: The average blender is probably not big enough. Also, the heat created by a blender, night turn the snow to slush. So I think the whisk is the better way to go.

How to Make Snow Ice Cream


  1. Thanks for the feature! Snow Ice Cream is delicious!!
    Regarding the suggestion for using a blender….I don’t think the average blender is large enough and I think that the heat created might turn the snow to slush. If you try it let me know how it goes.

    • Hi Diane ~ you’re welcome! We sure have enough snow to give this a try. That’s a good point about the heat generated. I think I’ll update the post later in the day with that information. Thanks again!

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