How to Make Watermelon Mason Jars [Video]

How to Make a Watermelon Mason Jar

I really liked the look of these watermelon mason jars. In this post you’ll find a video where Angie demonstrates how to make these decorative mason jars. It’s a super simple and can be done very quickly.

In the same video, Carolina first explains what a frog is. It’s a metal grid insert that you can put inside of a mason jar. You can then place flower stems in each opening. However, she had a terrific idea of weaving a frog with different colored ribbons to make a decorative maso jar top.

If you like mason jar crafts, I think you’ll enjoy this video! Click on the How to Make Watermelon Mason Jars link below. The video is in the middle of the post.

How to Make Watermelon Mason Jars

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