How to Make Your Own Natural Fertilizer


Fertilizer is used to add nutrients to garden soil and to promote growth of flowers or vegetables.  However, commercial fertilizers are dangerous and can cause serious health problems.  The good news is that there are natural fertilizers that you can easily make and safely use.

Erin of Frugal Living shares a great list of 6 Natural Fertilizers you can use in your garden.  For each fertilizer she lists:

  • Use in Place of  – (What type of fertilizer does it replace e.g. garden fertilizer, rose plant fertilizer)
  • What you Need – (Ingredients)
  • What you do – (Recipe)
  • Why this Works  – (How the natural fertilizer works chemically)

Click on the How to Make Your Own Natural Fertilizer link below to read Erin’s article.

Make Your Own Natural Fertilizer

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