How to Plant Seedlings Outdoors



It’s Spring and time to go out and dig in the dirt.  If you have seedlings you plan to plant in your garden, this post may help you.  Gstuppy of Untrained Housewife has some great advice on how to plant seedlings outdoors.

  • When to transplant?   Not all plants should be planted outside at  the same time.  Gstuppy shares an indicator and method that will help you to find the correct date to plant your seedlings.
  • How do your seedlings let you know it’s time to transplant?  There’s a simple way they communicate this.
  • What is the best way to harden off seedlings?
  • How to plant the seedlings in your garden and give them the best chance at surviving and thriving.

There’s a lot of helpful information in this post.

How to Plant Seedlings Outdoors

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