How to Reduce Toxins in the Kitchen

How to Reduce Toxins in the Kitchen

If you want to impove the health of your family by eliminating some of the toxins that can be found in the average kitchen, this is a great article by Amy.

She first explains where toxins are found in the kitchen (Plastics are just one source)

She then discusses healthier options in:

  • Baking – What baking sheets are healthier?
  • Cooking – What pans are safer?
  • Cooking Utensils – What are the best materials for utensils?
  • Storage – What are healthy options for storage containers?
  • Water – What’s a good water filter?
  • Food – If you think organ is too pricey, what are alternatives?

One note:  The Clean 10 list by the EWG lists the best conventional foods to buy in terms of the least amount of pesticides. The Dirty Dozen list includes the 12 worst foods as far as pesticide content. So if you like the foods on the Dirty Dozen list, it’s safer to buy organic versions of those foods.

Click on the How to Reduce Toxins in the Kitchen link below to read Amy’s entire post.

How to Reduce Toxins in the Kitchen

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