July in the Garden ~ a Time to Reflect

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July in the Garden ~ a Time to Reflect


I love the Herb Gardener because he’s a real gardener.  He understands all of the ups and downs of gardening.  Sometimes you plant your veggies and herbs and they thrive.  Other times armies of insects and nameless critters  invade in the night and leave you with nothing.  Or the sun beats down relentlessly and all the watering in the world can’t keep up.

My latest struggle has been with Japanese beetles.  I think I’m winning with my home remedy…but you can never tell.  They may be out there in the high grass mocking me and waiting to attack my geraniums and zinnias again.  It’s all a part of gardening.

As the Herb Gardener says in this post:  “I’m here to tell you that hardly anyone has complete success in the garden. Well, there may have been a little old lady somewhere in Tuscany once, or maybe it was Sacramento . . .”

In this post the Herb Gardener  shares  some personal gardening recommendations that you may find helpful. I know I did.

July in the Garden ~ a Time to Reflect

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