Kid Friendly Zero-Calorie Drinks

Kid Friendly Drinks

Kids drink a lot of sugary drinks. Fruit juice is loaded with sugar.  So is pop.  An alternative is to serve your kids cold tea. You may think your kids won’t drink tea. Don’t rule it out until you try a few of the recipes.  I think the herbal tea drinks are a good place to start.

Andrea from The Greenbacks Gal shares a recipe for Basic Homemade Herbal Iced Tea.  She also has some neat ways to serve the drinks.

Here are some of the drink recommendations:

  • Good Hearth Sweet and Spicy Tea
  • Cinnamon Apple Spice
  • Constant Comment
  •  Country Peach Passion (herbal)
  • Black Cherry Berry (herbal)
  • Red Raspberry (herbal)

Click on the Kid Friendly Zero-Calorie Drinks link below to see some great recipes for your kids.

Kid Friendly Zero-Calorie Drinks

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