Christy’s Homemade Organic Catnip Crinkle Mats

Spooky's Kitty Catnip Mat

Photo Credit: Christy


Christy’s Homemade Catnip Crinkle Mats are sturdily handmade with love and care.  They all contain homegrown organic catnip.  These mats are great for your own cats and are also wonderful gifts for those special cat people in your life.

The catnip mats have a nice soft crinkly sound that kitties love. They can use them for play or rest.  The mats are also environmentally friendly in that they are filled with recycled materials, and in some cases the yarns used are made from recycled materials.  

There are a wide variety of  colorful patterns and prints.  One of my favorites is the Caterpillar bug and flower print. Another popular mat is the toy paisley print (seen below being quality tested  by one of Christy’s in-house kitty crew). 🙂

Christy Kitty

You can see all of the different prints and complete descriptions of the mats at Christy’s online shop, SPOOKLUFIBO.  The shop name, is a combination of the names of 4 awesome cats! (Spooky, Luna, Fido, Sambo).

Visit Christy’s shop by clicking on the Christy’s Homemade Catnip Crinkle Mats link below.  Your kitty will thank you 🙂

     Christy’s Homemade Organic Catnip Crinkle Mats

 Christy 3


Christy’s Homemade Organic Catnip Crinkle Mats


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