Make Your Own All-Natural Herbal Sleep Aid


Herbal Sleep Aid

Whether you toss and turn all night or sleep for an hour and then can’t get back to sleep, insomnia is an awful thing to go through.  We need solid sleep time to recharge our bodies.  If you  struggle with insomnia, Andrea  at Frugally Sustainable has a post that may help you.

Andrea lists some general tips that may help you sleep better and  discusses 4 specific herbs that help you to sleep better.  But she reveals one herb in particular that works directly on the nervous system and produces a deep sleep almost instantly.   She provides a great recipe for a sleep tincture:  Sleep Like a Rock Tincture that uses this herb.  Click on the Make Your Own All-Natural Herbal Sleep Aid link below to read the full article.

You can find this great herb at Mountain Rose Herbs

Make Your Own All-Natural Herbal Sleep Aid

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