Make Your Own Non-Petroleum Jelly


There are a lot of uses for Vaseline.  But Vaseline is made from petroleum and I won’t have it in my house.  However, over a year ago I found this post by Stacy of a Delightful Home.  She has a very simple recipe for Non-Petroleum Jelly that works just fine.  It uses just 2 ingredients.

Here are some of the things that you can do with Non-Petroleum Jelly:

  • To smooth dry patches of skin
  • To provide a protective layer or barrier
  • Around your hairline when coloring your hair so the color doesn’t get on your skin.
  • As a lip gloss
  • Any way in which you might use a petroleum based jelly, like Vaseline.

You can buy quality beeswax Here.

Click the Make Your Own Non-Petroleum Jelly link below to read Stacy’s recipe.

Make Your Own Non-Petroleum Jelly

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