Milk Bath Recipe

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This is a great Milk Bath Recipe.  Milk baths are soothing and healing. The milk removes dead skin and softens the remaining skin.  It’s the perfect bath if you have dry skin.  There are also other ingredients in the Milk Bath recipe that give the bathwater a smooth and silky feel.

One tip: the higher the fat content of the milk, the better it is for your skin.

Included is a simple scented milk bath recipe.  You’ll also get recipes for 5 essential oil blends:

  • Lavender Lift
  • Sunny Citrus
  • Silk & Spice
  • Sweet Vanilla Heaven
  • Summer Rose
  • Easy Aromatherapy Recipes

The author of this post at Easy Aromatherapy Recipes provides measurements in grams.  1 gram = .035 ounces

Milk Bath Recipe


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