More Herbal Hair Color Recipes


Katie at Wellness Mama has developed and tested some terrific recipes for natural, herbal hair colorings.  The blonde/light recipes will permanently lighten the hair until you grow it out.  The red and dark hues will leave a temporary tint for a few weeks (depending on how often you wash it). The sun will help set all the hues.

The recipes have not been tested on hair that was already dyed/chemically treated.

The post includes:

  • Herbs for light hair (3 suggestions)
  • Recipe for a faster herbal blonde dye
  • Herbs for red hair (recipe)
  • Henna Hair Dye (Recommended commercial product)
  • Herbs for Brown Hair (Recipe)
  • Henna Hair Dye (Black, Dark Brown or Mahogany) ~ Recommended commercial product
  • Herbs for Dark Brown Hair or Black Hair (2 suggestions)

You can get the herbs for these recipes at Mountain Rose Herbs   or the Bulk Herb Store.

You can also get quality Henna here.

More Herbal Hair Color Recipes


  1. It is good to use the herbal products to keep the hair healthy and shine. Article writer recommend to use herbal hair products to dye which is better option to make the hair strong. Try to use Henna Hair Dye and Herbs for Dark Brown Hair or Black Hair with the replacement of artificial dye products.

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