Natural Ingredients You Have to Love

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Summer 2013 Ingredient Love

Marie shares some of the essential oils, spices  and other ingredients she’s fallen in love with.

Here are just a few: (You’ll have to read Marie’s article to get the exact ingredients)


  • An essential oil that is spicy, cinnamony, and was used by the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt.
  • A root that has excellent detangling properties.
  • A wonder spice blend I had not heard of before and plan to get – a blend of garlic, basil, smoked sweet peppers and more.
  • An ingredient that is useful in making masks, lipstick, face powder and other natural cosmetics

There are 5 more ingredients on Marie’s love list!

Click the Natural Ingredients You Have to  Love link below to read the entire post.

Natural Ingredients You Have to  Love

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