Natural Mosquito Repellents That Work

natural mosquito repellents that work

This is a guest post by Amber Bradshaw and she has some scary facts about mosquitoes. You’ll learn about some of the diseases that mosquitoes carry. I’d add West Nile disease to her list. As a Midwesterner, we get alerts each spring and summer to get rid of standing  water, use insect repellent, and try to avoid mosquitoes if possible. She has some fascinating information that explains why mosquitoes bite some people more than others.

Then she shares 5 tips to get rid of mosquitoes and to avoid getting bit.

  • When to stay indoors
  • What to wear
  • A preventative thing you can do to reduce the number of mosquitoes (All sorts of great info and links here)
  • Who you can invite to you yard that will help keep mosquitoes away
  • Helpful herbs and essential oils (LOTS of specific examples)
  • PLUS she includes an herbal mosquito repellent recipe and an essential oil mosquito repellent recipe.

Click on the Natural Mosquito Repellents that Work link below to see Amber’s terrific article.

Natural Mosquito Repellents That Work

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