Natural Puppy Care – Diet and Remedies

Natural Puppy Care

Katie and her family recently adopted Frazier, a Goldendoodle. She wants to make sure they raise him in a healthy way. In this article, she shares a lot of the natural foods and remedies they’re using for their new puppy. She discusses:

  • Puppy Probiotics
  • Natural Puppy Food
  • DIY Puppy Treats (with a recipe)
  • An Herb that Can Be Used in a Variety of Ways
  • The Benefits of Epsom Salts for Dogs
  • How They Use Diatomaceous Earth for their Puppy

Katie suggests several times that you should discuss any of the methods she uses with your veterinarian before using them on your dog.

Click on the Natural Puppy Care – Diet and Remedies link below to read all of Katie’s remedies.

Natural Puppy Care – Diet and Remedies

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