Natural Remedies For Growing Pains

Natural Remedies For Growing Pains

Growing pains are the cramps and achy muscles that some preschoolers and pre-teens get in both legs. The pains usually hit in the late afternoon and evening. But the achy muscles can also wake up kids at night. In addition, you won’t see other symptoms like limping, swelling or redness.

Contrary to popular belief, growth spurts don’t cause these pains. The exact cause of growing pains is unknown. One theory is that the aches and cramps result from the normal activities of toddlers and pre-teens. They basically overwork their muscles during the day and feel the impact at night. Another theory is that some kids just have a lower pain threshold.

growing pains 2In this article, Heather does a fantastic job of reviewing natural remedies for growing pains. She reveals:

  • A vitamin that has been shown to resolve the pain in some children
  • An amazing broth that cured the symptoms of growing pains in all 112 children participating in a study
  • A particular type of warm bath
  • Alternative therapies
  • Another B vitamin that can help reduce the muscle pains
  • Investigating food sensitivities

Heather also explains when to take your child to the doctor.

This is a very well-researched and documented article. Click on the Natural Remedies For Growing Pains link below to read the entire article.

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Natural Remedies For Growing Pains

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