Olive Oil Cuts Alzheimer’s Risk … But How?

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This is an exciting study on one of the health benefits of olive oil. It appears that eating extra virgin olive oil reduces the risk of Altzheimer’s Disease (AD)  by moving abnormal AD proteins out of the brain.

Scientists first noticed that the occurrence of AD is lower in Mediterranean countries than in other countries.  The Mediterranean Diet includes a lot of extra virgin olive oil. They now think there’s a substance in  extra virgin olive oil called oleocanthal which protects nerve cells from the damage that AD can produce. Beta-amyloid is thought to be the substance that leads to AD.

Scientists found that oleocanthal increased the production of proteins and enzymes that removed beta-amyloid from the brain.   The report concluded:  “Extra-virgin olive oil-derived oleocanthal associated with the consumption of Mediterranean diet has the potential to reduce the risk of AD or related neurodegenerative dementias.”

Scientists reported the results of their study in the ACS Chemical Neuroscience journal.

Olive Oil Cuts Alzheimer’s Risk … But How?


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