Organic Aloe Face Cream Recipe + Instructions

Organic Aloe Facial Cream

This recipe is for a lotion that Tanya uses herself. It’s made with all-natural ingredients and works with all skin types. She uses:

  • Aloe Vera which is a gentle astringent
  • An oil that’s soothing and often used for massages
  • Another oil that’s rich in antioxidants and is used in anti-aging remedies
  • A natural butter that’s rich and creamy
  • Other skin-loving ingredients

Tanya provides a complete step-by-step tutorial. One nice thing about this recipe is that she includes a preservative that will extend the shelf life of the cream. The preservative is approved for use in organic skincare products.

Click on the Organic Aloe Face Cream Recipe + Instructions link below to see the complete recipe and tutorial.

Organic Aloe Face Cream Recipe + Instructions

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