Original Homemade Russian Tea Recipe

Original Homemade Russian Tea Recipe

This is Denise’s recipe for homemade original Russian tea that’s both a holiday and year round drink.  The spiced orange tea is especially good during the colder months. A nice thing about this article is that Denise  includes 3 variations of this tea recipe. All of the recipes create a mixture of dried ingredients. You mix a certain amount in boiling water for s delicious and spicy cup of tea.  Here are the recipe variations Denise shares:

  • Version 1 is a mixture of dry ingredients like orange drink mix, instant tea mix, sugar, spices and more.
  • Version 2  used instant tea, spices and other ingredients.
  • Version 3 is my favorite. In addition to unsweetened instant tea, sugar, sweetened lemonade mix, some wonderful spices and other ingredients, she adds a particular candy that contributes some great spiciness to the tea. It also looks wonderful.

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Original Russian Tea Recipe

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