The Essentials on Oils: How to Save Money on the Top 5 Essential Oils for Your Home

If you look at the number of essential oils that are available, the choice of which oils to buy can be daunting and expensive. In this article, Andrea shares her picks for the top 5 essential oils for your home. Some of the criteria are: Affordable Simple Health-related properties required: antiseptic, antibiotic, antiviral,antifungal and antimicrobial […]

Homemade Ginger Clove Cough Drops

This is Lindsey’s recipe for all-natural ginger clove cough drops. The ingredients are really well-suited to relieve the pain of both cough and sore throast.  Here are just a few of the ingredients: Ginger has been traditionally used to soothe colds.  It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Cloves have been used medicinally for centuries. One […]

3 Homemade Shaving Soap Recipes

In this post Katie of Wellness Mama shares 3 different homemade shaving soap recipes.  These are natural soaps that contain no chemicals.  Each recipe is clearly written and the directions are easy to follow.  There are some nice photographs too.  Foaming Shave Soap Recipe This soap works great for shaving in the shower.  It may […]

Turmeric Turmeric Turmeric!!

Did you know that turmeric is the most Googled herb?  I didn’t either! Kami shares four different posts that discuss turmeric. She discusses the healing benefits of turmeric, a mild turmeric and milk elixer, and a variety of recipes that use turmeric. Click on any of the links below to see one of Kami’s great […]

Essential Oil Spotlight – Black Pepper Essential Oil

I really like Katie’s essential oil spotlights, because it gives you a very helpful profile for each essential oil. In this article, Katie profiles Black Pepper Essential Oil. Black Pepper is one of the oldest spices still in use. It goes back to the time of the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. The Egyptians actually used […]

Amazing Ginger Compress Relieves Pain

A compress is a wrap of folded linen, gauze, or other material that’s applied with pressure to a part of the body to supply heat, cold, or medication. The goal is normally to treat pain or infection.One of Ginger’s many uses is for pain relief: arthritis, muscle pain, sprains, strains, and back pain, to name […]

Perry Cole the Wonder Dog Still Needs Your Help!

  That beautiful dog up above is Perry Cole the Great Dane. He’s one of the sweetest dogs on the planet. He’s 5 years old and was born at Service Dog Project in Massachusetts. They train Great Danes to be service dogs for ex-military servicemen and for children and adults with chronic illnesses that affect […]

Simple DIY Calendula Salve Recipe

This is a great post by Modern Alternative Health about the benefits of Calendula and how to make your own Calendula salve. Calendula has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s used topically for acne, reducing inflammation, controlling bleeding and soothing a variety of skin problems including diaper rash. Click the Simple DIY Calendula Salve Recipe link below to […]

Homemade Natural Treatment for Ear Infections

Antibiotics are ineffectual for an earache that’s caused by a virus.  With this type of earache, the best approach is to deal with the symptoms and attempt to reduce pain and discomfort. Andrea has developed a natural treatment for ear infections.  Her recipe uses just 2 ingredients.  I have a neighbor who uses a similar […]

The 10 Best Ways to Use Your Outdoor Fire Pit

  Jane (Outdoor Living Brands) shared a terrific guest post on the Live Dan 330 site. An outdoor fire area is the second most requested outdoor design feature for homes. It makes sense because family and friends love to gather around a fire pit. Jane first discusses some basic guidelines to consider before you build […]