How to Make a Homemade Electrolyte Drink (Sports Drink Replacement)

Electrolyte drinks help to rehydrate our bodies.  They are useful after working out or when we are ill. This is a recipe I found for a natural, healthy electrolyte drink. It doesn’t contain artificial colors or sweeteners like commercial drinks.This particular recipe was created by Kate of Modern Alternative Mama. It uses a base of […]

All-Natural Skin Care Remedy for Summer

This is a recipe I found by Katie of  the Red Crow Green Crow site.  She related a story about how she had some complicated skin problems on the back of her neck.  I picked this post because she had a problem and used her knowledge of essential oils and other natural products to treat […]

How to Make Hot Pepper Relish

I found this great recipe for hot pepper relish on the Homesteading Quest site. and had to share it.  Everyone in my home likes hot and spicy relish.  But you can make this same recipe with sweet peppers if you like a sweeter relish. Please take note of the comment in the article about the […]

Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

. NOTE: If you’re pregnant, please consult your doctor in advance about any essential oils you’d like to use.  Opinions vary on which essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy and which should be avoided.   Your doctor will have the best advice for you. Justyne of Creative Christian Mama shares some of her experiences […]

Make Your Own “BREATHE JAR” To Relieve Sinus Congestion

If you are badly congested and do not want to use commercial decongestant sprays and pills, this is a perfect, natural alternative. It’s a very easy natural remedy to put together and use. “Breathe Jars” use cotton balls or cotton pads and essential oils in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Jillee (One Good Thing) […]

Homemade Sweet Dreams Bedtime Spray Recipe

This is a short recipe for a Sweet Dreams Bedtime Spray.  Laura of Green Living Ladies made this natural spray with her daughter.  They wanted a relaxing spray to spray on their sheets before going to bed. There are 3 essential oils used in the recipe.  One calms the body and encourages restful sleep.  The […]

37 Unique Uses for Cornstarch

I found this article on the Fluster Buster website. They periodically take a common household product and research all of the different uses. In this article the focus is on cornstarch. Cornstarch can be used on your skin, hair, as a cleaner, in cooking, and more. Some of the uses include: Soothing a baby’s bottom […]

5 Herbs That Lower Blood Pressure

Bad habits like smoking, eating fatty foods, drinking alcohol and leading sedentary lives can result in high blood pressure.  Heredity and aging can also lead to an increased chance of high blood pressure.This article by Nature Hacks discusses 5 herbs that can lower blood pressure. One herb reduces stress and anxiety which can reduce blood […]

How to Make a Watermelon and Cucumber Cooler (Alcoholic)

This is a recipe for a sweet and tart watermelon and cucumber cooler from WikiHow.Com.  There are some interesting additional ingredients.  Because of the high water content in both watermelon and cucumbers, this drink is very refreshing.  They also provide some healthy antioxidants. This cooler is also delicious without the alcohol. There is a very […]

Dreaming of Spring – A Bitter Tonic Tea Recipe

If you’re at all interested in herbalism, then you probably know about the Herbal Academy of New England. They offer online training courses, a resource center called the Herbarium, books and articles. They’re very highly regarded. This is an article that discusses everything you need to know about making a Bitter Tonic Tea to prepare […]