Perfect Silk Lotion Bar Recipe

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Lotion bars look like bars of soap but are made of lotion that you can apply to dry skin.
This particular recipe by Katie of Wellness Mama is excellent for any skin condition. Other lotion bars sometimes use coconut oil, and some people are allergic to that. This recipe uses tallow, which has been used for skin care for centuries.  The tallow also contains fat-soluble vitamins A,D,K and E.

Another benefit of the Silk Lotion Bar is that it  seems  to work well as protection against short-term sun exposure.  Finally, the bars are effective in healing eczema scars and general scratches.

So the recipe uses grass-fed beef tallow, Shea butter and some other ingredients like essential oils.  It’s easy to prepare the ingredients.  One thing I noticed is that the explanation of pouring the heated ingredients into molds is currently all the way at the bottom of the post. Don’t miss that part because Katie has a link to a silicon loaf mold, although you could use any mold you have.

To use a lotion bar you just rub it on dry skin.  The heat of the skin will transfer some lotion to your skin.

Perfect Silk Lotion Bar Recipe


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